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Amazing Food Supplement Moringa (Malunggay) 500mg Capsules


 Moringa oleifera was recognized by the National Institutes of Health as the Botanical Plant of the Year for 2007, and praised again in 2011 and 2012. It is valued worldwide for its ability to treat over 300 diseases.

It’s safe to say that this plant has saved more lives in third world countries than any other. This AMAZING tree is capable of delivering what the body needs and these enzymatically active amino acid sequences may simply not exist in the food chain anywhere else, and that is just the tip of the nutritional iceberg when it comes to Moringa oleifera.  

Amazing Food Supplement Turmeric 700mg Capsules Box of 100


 Long known for its anti-inflammatory properties, recent research has revealed that turmeric is a natural wonder, proving beneficial in the treatment of many different health diseases. Natural antiseptic and antibacterial agent. Shown to prevent many forms of cancer. May prevent Alzheimer's disease.

The active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin. Tumeric has been used for over 2500 years in India, where it was most likely first used as a dye.

The medicinal properties of this spice have been slowly revealing themselves over the centuries. Long known for its anti-inflammatory properties, recent research has revealed that turmeric is a natural wonder, proving beneficial in the treatment of many different health conditions from cancer to Alzheimer's disease. 

Sure-C Sodium Ascorbate 500mg Vitamin C Capsules Box of 100



Sodium ascorbateis a form ofascorbic acid(Vitamin C) which is more bioavailable and “alkaline”, unlike theascorbic acidform of theC vitamin, which leads to stomach upset in some people.

For Anti oxidant. Improves skin tone. Sodium Ascorbate is buffered (non-acidic) and will not contriubte to gastric irritation in acid-sensitive persons.

According to The Linus Pauling Institute, sodium ascorbate is a form of Vitamin C which is more bioavailable than the more known ascorbic acid. Bioavailability is defined as the degree to which a nutrient becomes available to the target tissue after its administration. Sodium ascorbate is a buffered mineral salt of ascorbic acid, making it less acidic. Because of this, it is a good alternative for ascorbic acid when it comes to people experiencing gastrointestinal problems because of the latter. Sodium ascorbate has several health benefits.

Amazing Food Supplement Spirulina 500mg 100% Capsules Bottle of 100



The Complete Food. Optimum source for antioxidant protection that will boost your immune system health and vitality.

The Benefits of Spirulina

Boost the Immune System*

Improve Digestion*

Reduce fatigue*

Build Endurance*

Nature's Detoxifier - Cleanse the body*

Boost Energy Levels*

Control Appetite*

Maintain Healthy Cardiovascular function*

Support the Liver and Kidneys*

Reduce Inflammation*

Benefit People Who Suffer from Allergies*

The human digestive system, when bombarded with over-processed fatty foods, doesn't extract enough quality nutrients. The body is continually starving for more nutrients, triggering appetite and compulsive overeating.

Other Benefits of Spirulina:

1. With ten times more beta carotene than carrots, spirulina is an excellent source of disease fighting antioxidants.

2. An excellent source of vegetable protein with all of the amino acids to build muscle.

3. Spirulina contains a high concentration of B Vitamins, important for maintaining cardiovascular health as well as breaking down carbs and lipids.

4. One of the few sources of GLA, Spirulina is a powerful anti-inflammatory that can benefit arthritis sufferers as well as prevent heart disease among other benefits.

Amazing Food Supplement Serpentina 500mg Capsules Bottle of 100


Herbal Plants: Serpentina (King of Bitters)

What are the benefits that you can get from this plant? This is good for diabetic in regulating or lowering blood sugar. Furthermore it is also known for its antibiotic property making good for infections.

Analagesic– pain killer. Anti-inflammatory– reduces swelling. Antibacterial– has a remarkable effect in reducing diarrhea and other bacterial infections. Antimalarial– helps prevent parasite infection and multiplication in the blood stream. Antihepatotoxic and Hepatoprotective– eliminates liver toxins and protects liver and gall bladder. Antipyretic– reduces fever. Antithrombotic– blood clot prevention. Helps prevent heart attack. Antiviral– inhibits viral activity including HIV (further studies are being made). Antioxidant– fights free radicals. Canceolytic– cancer fighter or better to say cancer killer. Cardiopotective– protects heart muscles. Choleretic– increases the flow of bile. Depurative– cleans the system especially the blood stream. Expectorant– releases mucus in the respiratory system. Hypoglycemic– lowers blood sugar and protect against diabetes. Immune enhancer– increases immune system. Vermicidal– kills intestinal worms. It can be used against coughs, headaches, edema, earache, pain conditions, inflammation and muscular pain, arthritis, rheumatism, fibro myalgia, multiple sclerosis, depression, diarrhea, dysentery, cholera, candida, lupus, diabetes, piles, fevers, fatigue, hepatitis, herpes, leprosy, loss of appetite, swollen lymph nodes and other lymphatic conditions, jaundice, dyspepsia, dermatitis, eczema, burns, pneumonia, bronchitis, tuberculosis, chicken pox, mumps; sluggish liver, spleen, kidneys and adrenal glands; sleeplessness, and constipation.

Amazing Food Supplement Mangosteen Powder 100 Capsules 500mg


 Mangosteen Fruit, Fresh or Powdered, Offers Tons of Health Benefits

Mangosteen fruit powder, which is typically made by grinding freeze-dried mangosteen pericarp and pulp, frequently pops up on 'superfood' and 'superfruit' charts listing the world's most nutrient-dense foods. But did you know that also fresh mangosteens – whether eaten whole or consumed in the form of fresh mangosteen juice – can provide tons of health benefits?

Antioxidant Value of the Mangosteen Fruit

Ounce for ounce, dried fruit contains much more antioxidants than its fresh counterpart simply because most of the original water content has been removed, and thus the nutrients and other components that remain are more concentrated. But in case of the mangosteen fruit, the dried powder has an added health benefit. You see, the mangosteen powder you find in health food stores and online shops, is usually made using the entire fruit, including its purple pericarp (the outer layer), which contains a range of xanthones such asmangostin. According to a study published in theJournal of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan in 1994, the antioxidant properties of mangostin are even stronger than those of vitamin E.

Mangosteen Pericarp Has a Long History of Medicinal Use in Asia

In Southeast Asia, the pericarp of the mangosteen fruit has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. It has been used to make healing fruit tea to treat everything from diarrhea, menstrual disorders, catarrh, and dysentery (an inflammatory disorder of the intestine) to gonorrhea, thrush, andurinary tract infections. An ointment made from the pericarp has also been used as a treatment for skin rashes, eczema, psoriasis, and wounds that have trouble healing.

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